The Right Way to Grip a Pistol

Knowing how to grip a pistol correctly is imperative for shooting effectively. No matter how much natural talent you might have,The Right Way to Grip a Pistol Articles without the right grip you simply will not be as effective as you could be.

The truth is that without a good grip, all the other shooting fundamentals go out the window. As with anything related to shooting, there is a debate on the right way to grip a gun.

Everyone has their own theory about the best way to hold the gun, and there really is no one strategy that works for everyone.  Fortunately there are some general guidelines that can be effective for any shooter. Here are 4 fundamentals any pistol shooter should keep in mind:

#1) Stay relaxed
First of all, remaining loose is very important. However, this does not mean you lose control of the gun. Your hands should still be a little tight. Otherwise, you could jerk the gun when you release the trigger, causing a wayward shot. You need to find a balance between staying in control, but not tense.

#2) Use two hands
Always use a two handed grip. This is important because it gives you more control over the shot. You will be 2-3 times more accurate if you use two hands as opposed to one. This is true no matter how experienced you might be.

#3) Keep the hands in the right position
Your dominant hand’s job is to hold the gun and press the trigger. With a semi-automatic pistol, the gun back strap must rest as high in the crook in between the thumb and the first finger as possible. Make sure to keep the dominant hand stiff, to maintain control of the gun.

Make sure you use the end of the finger to press the trigger, until the gun has fired. This is very similar to how you would ring a door bell. You would push the button, and let off as soon as the doorbell rang. You do not keep pushing it after the sound has gone off.

However, some people keep their hand on the trigger long after the shot has been fired. This just makes the shot less accurate.

The support hand is also important. The whole hand should be wrapped around the dominant hand, with the thumb overlapping the top of the strong hand thumb. This will give you the most control over the shot.

#4) Get a good grip
Make sure you pick a material that you like the feel of, and that looks good. Just experiment with different grips, and you will find the right one for you.

The truth is that the position with your hands is the same no matter what kind of grip you use. This is true whether it be wood, ivory, plastic or another cheaper material. However, having a good grip will just make you more effective. Use these 4 guidelines to grip a pistol correctly, and you will become a more accurate shooter shortly. knee high grip socks

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