The Spider Verse Mask

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The Spider verse mask is a series of Marvel comics that tell the story of several alternate versions of Spider-Man from across the multiverse. It began in August 2014 with two new issues of the cancelled The Superior Spider-Man, a few issues of Spider-Man 2099 and a five-issue run of one-shots under the Edge of Spider-Verse banner. The main storyline received mostly positive reviews from critics for its art, pacing and storytelling.

The main story focuses on Miles Morales, a teenager with superpowers who struggles to balance the normal pressures of being a teen — getting good grades and not messing up his parents’ lives. At the same time, he’s fighting a super-powered war for the fate of the multiverse.

During the conflict, a version of Peter Parker from Earth-616 accidentally destroys the Siege Perilous, which shatters and strews its fragments throughout the multiverse. A villainous version of Peter, known as Wolf Spider, seeks to collect them all to rule the multiverse. Against this threat, the heroes of the Spider-Verse must join forces, including Miles and the prime Spider-Man.

Kids ages 5 and up can imagine suiting up to swing into heart-pounding action as their favorite web-slinging hero with this Marvel Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse movie roleplay mask! Inspired by the film, this Miles Morales mask features a flexible band that fits most aspiring wall-crawlers. They’ll love re-creating their favorite moments from the film and imagining their own epic superhero adventures!

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