The Trends That Affect the Value of Funko Pop Pokemon Figures

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Collecting Funko Pop figures is a popular hobby for fans of video game and movie franchises. While many of these figurines are available at local retail stores, some are exclusive to online marketplaces and conventions, and others are rare and can cost a lot of money. If you are looking to make a monetary profit from your collection, it’s important to stay up-to-date on the trends that affect the value of these items. This will ensure you get the best price when selling your Pokemon Pops or finding the best deal on new ones.

The most valuable Pokémon Pops are those that were limited editions or sold at a specific event. These are more likely to rise in value, since the demand is higher and there are fewer of them to buy. For example, the 843 Charizard (Metallic) (Wondrous Convention) figure costs an average of $650 on Amazon and eBay. Other exclusive Pops that have high resale value include the Bulbasaur (Silver Metallic) from the 25th Anniversary collection, the Squirtle with its fluffy texture, and the Eevee in its diamond-glitter form.

It’s also helpful to collect the characters that have a large fanbase. For example, the Pikachu Funko Pop is a great choice because it represents the beloved electric mouse and can fetch a high price. This figure can also be found in a Target-exclusive jumbo version that’s available for preorder now. It will be released February 13 and depicts the iconic Pokemon holding a Luck Incense. funko pop pokemon

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