The Truth About the TikTok Share Bot

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Creating a loyal audience on any social media platform takes time and effort. While there are a few lucky creators who manage to hit the big time with quick success, most grow their followers slowly and steadily over months or even years. In an attempt to speed up this process, a few of the more desperate TikTokers have turned to using exploitive methods. The platform has been overrun with videos demonstrating how to use coding tools like Replit to artificially increase the number of views, followers and shares on a video.

The problem is, this kind of tiktok share bot cheat code goes against the platform’s community guidelines and may get your account permanently banned. It also creates a very skewed proportion of views to shares on a video which raises red flags for TikTok’s algorithms sooner or later.

In short, the tiktok share bot is a random bot that increases a video’s number of views and slots it into the trending algorithm by sharing it on other accounts. This is a hugely illegal and immoral thing to do. It also makes it much harder for genuine creators to grow their audiences in a natural way, which is the only way to build an authentic following on any platform. The best way to grow your TikTok audience is to work hard on creating quality content that resonates with people and focus less on automation tools. If you do decide to use an tiktok bot service, make sure that the company offers reliable functionality and has positive reviews from previous customers. tiktok share bot

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