Voiceover Training

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Learn to create your own voice overs in a fun and rewarding work from home industry. This introductory course takes you through the basics of creating, recording and editing your voice overs for a range of different applications. It also provides tips for finding and attracting work as well as wider advice on establishing yourself within the field.

Whether you’re a professional actor or just starting out, this introductory class from Voices for All is the first step towards becoming a successful voice over artist. You’ll read a real script in this one-on-one video chat with an experienced professional voice over coach, who will take notes and provide feedback as you perform. You’ll also get a professional evaluation later in a follow up call.

Director and storyboard artist Mark Simon gives insight into what is expected during a recording session and explains how to improve anyone’s voice acting skills, including tips for preparing, reading the side’s copy and how to prepare a winning demo reel.

This is a fee based online course from Skillshare and lasts for four weeks. It covers everything from vocal techniques and recording tips to career advice and networking. It does not include acting tips and is targeted at beginners.

Learn to record voice overs with high quality sound in your own home studio. This online course will teach you the ins and outs of your equipment, how to get your voice sounding perfect and how to avoid annoying problems like popping, sibilance, breathiness, etc. Voiceover training

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