Wednesday Addams Costume Shop

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Wednesday Addams Costume Shop
From the Netflix show to the original film, this morbid member of the Addams family has become one of the most popular Halloween costume ideas for girls and boys alike. Whether you’re looking for a classic look like Christina Ricci’s in the ’90s or a modern-day take, we have all the Wednesday Addams costumes you need to get her deadpan scowl and black braids down. From her iconic black dress to her tiny Mary Jane shoes, we’ve got all the best Wednesday Addams costumes in kids and adult sizes.

If you’re looking for a low-key way to pull off this creepy character, try out a Nevermore Academy uniform shirt and pair it with some black jeans. If you’d rather go for a full-on Wednesday Addams costume, we have the perfect tulle lace dress that’s sure to make you feel haunted. Add a wig with middle-parted braids and some vampy lipstick, and you’ll have all the elements of this macabre favorite.

If you want to bring more of her darkness to your makeup, this white foundation is the perfect match. With a demi-matte finish, this product will give you full coverage and a smooth complexion, just like Wednesday’s. Alternatively, try out this liquid eyeliner for a more dramatic look. The slim nozzle allows for easy application, so you can draw on your brows in a few simple strokes and achieve Wednesday’s signature thick brows. We also carry a variety of other makeup products, including mascara and blush, to help you achieve the right look for your Halloween costume.

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