Wellness and Spa Tourism

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A spa is a place where you can get beauty treatments, massages etc. The spa is also a good place to relax yourself. You can also take detoxification treatments in the spa. These all help you to look younger and beautiful. It opens your skin pores, formulates blood circulation and distributes oxygen and proper nutrition to the body. You can also have a full-body massage. This will reduce your stress and anxiety. The massage is a must for anyone who wants to stay healthy and happy.

The spa is a multi-billion dollar industry, offering everything from facials and hair care to hot stone massages and cryotherapy. Many people think that spa is a waste of money, but it is not. The fact is that the spa helps you look younger, it reduces the pain in your neck and back and it improves your blood circulation. These all are important for our health. So, the next time when someone says that taking a spa is a waste of money just tell them that it improves your beauty and makes you feel better.

In a study by Henseler et al., a non-parametric PLS-MGA test was used to compare the models of wellness and healthcare/medical tourism. It was found that both the models have a significant influence on the purchase intention of spa services, although the wellness model has stronger explanatory power than the healthcare/medical one. This shows that pleasure is a significant factor for wellness tourists when choosing a spa, but usefulness is more important for healthcare/medical ones. wellness and spa

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