What Does an Electrical Contractor Do?

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A licensed Electrical Contractor is an expert in the construction and maintenance of residential, commercial, and industrial wiring. This career involves both hands-on labor and careful management skills, as well as the ability to communicate with customers and other contractors. If you have a passion for science and want to work closely with people, this is a great job for you.

Before an electrical contractor bids on a project, she normally studies the building’s blueprints. These expansive technical schematics reveal the location of each wire, outlet, switch, and circuit breaker. She also looks for any areas that may need special wiring or backup systems. She then meets with the owner or general contractor to determine if any special electrical needs should be considered before she prepares her bid.

Once a contract has been awarded, she installs all of the wiring within the walls. She customarily double-checks each path and connection to make sure they are safe and in compliance with building codes. After the installation, she often tests each connection using voltmeters and ohmmeters.

Safety is always the primary concern for an electrical contractor. They must follow strict guidelines to avoid exposing themselves and others to dangerous conditions. Moreover, they must make sure that all equipment and cables are de-energized before beginning any work and that procedures are in place to prevent re-energisation during the course of work.

Managing projects and keeping track of costs can be challenging for an electrical contractor. A reliable work order management software helps boost productivity and provides a better customer experience. Knowify simplifies estimating and billing for electrical contractors with real-time job costing, materials tracking, and labor rate adjustments. Electrical Contractor

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