What Is a Kiddush Cup?

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A kiddush cup is the vessel used for making a blessing over wine on Shabbat, Jewish holidays, havdalah, seudat mitzvah, or weddings. The kosher wine or grape juice in the cup is used as an expression of thanks to God for sanctifying his world and bringing about his goodness. The cup also represents the Jewish people and the joy of the Sabbath.

The cup is made from a number of materials, including gold and silver, pewter, fine china or ceramics, or glass. It is generally ornately decorated with images of fruit, especially grapes to symbolise the wine to be blessed. Other designs may feature animals or birds, or people’s names engraved on the cup, or biblical passages. Some cups are crafted in an intricate Filigree design, which requires very delicate work and can take hours or even days to complete.

There are strict rules governing the type of cup that can be used for making kiddush. It must be a vessel that is kosher and in good condition; it cannot be made of disposable material, such as paper cups, and must be complete – no cracks or chips are permitted.

Avi Luvaton’s exquisite kiddush cups are made in Jerusalem from high-quality metal and gold plated on the inside. The unique shapes and heights of these unique pieces allow them to stand out on any table or mantelpiece. Each one has a detailed and ornate design that is awe-inspiring due to the meticulous attention to detail and the many embellishments. kiddush cup

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