What Is Cyber Security and Why Is It Important?

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With modern technology at our fingertips, cyber security has become an essential practice to protect our daily lives. From data breaches and hacking to ransomware attacks, cyber security aims to keep us safe from phishing scams, identify theft, and more.

Whether we are at work or at home, our devices are connected to wireless and wired digital communication networks and the omnipresent internet. This information is highly valuable to hackers and criminals, so it’s important that cybersecurity is a priority for all of us.

This article explores what cyber security is and why it’s so important to have in today’s world. It also explains how to keep ourselves safe, from ensuring our software is updated to using two-factor authentication, to backing up our data in case our computer gets stolen or lost. By implementing these simple practices, we can help prevent cyber attacks and keep our sensitive information safe.

For those interested in a career in cybersecurity, SNHU offers a number of courses and certificate programs that can prepare you for entry-level jobs. You can even transfer your completed certificate credits into an associate degree in cybersecurity or bachelor’s in cybersecurity, giving you the tools you need to pursue a more advanced role. As you start your career, it’s important to remember that hard skills alone won’t set you apart. Personal qualities like communication, presentation, critical thinking and problem-solving are crucial to success in this field. For more information about how to begin your journey in cybersecurity, check out our Cyber Security Career Pathway. SOCaaS

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