What is In Store Marketing

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in store marketing is the way you promote your products in brick and mortar stores. This includes everything from promotional materials used to encourage shoppers to engage with your brand (like product demonstrations) to in-store loyalty cards and a fast, smooth checkout experience that leaves customers with positive associations of your brand.

In fact, it’s the one of the most effective ways to boost sales for both retail and service-based brands. Increasing the time people spend on your premises leads to a sustainable increase in sales. And that means it’s essential to provide the right experience – not just for your customer but also for your employees.

Whether it’s free Wi-Fi, music or digital display, a carefully considered in-store experience gives your business an edge over competitors. Especially for luxury marketers, physical stores are increasingly important as they offer an emotionally driven environment that can be the foundation of an excellent customer journey and increased brand trust.

In addition to ensuring the products on your shelves are packed and arranged in the most appealing way, you can leverage impulse buying by providing incentives such as special offers or free gifts for a limited period. But be careful – too many promotions and they can start to feel intrusive or even irritating. This is why it’s important to make sure that any in-store promotion aligns with your overall strategy and the customer journey and that it uses the four P’s of marketing – product, price, place and promotion – in a consistent way.

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