What Is PEX-AL Pipe?

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PEX-AL pipe is a multilayer composite pipe consisting of a core of aluminum pressed between two layers of polyethylene (PE). It’s an innovative improvement over traditional single layer PEX. It offers inherent insulation properties, high temperature ratings and a variety of connection systems. It is commonly used in radiant heating systems in both floor and ceiling applications.

The aluminum core helps to keep the pipe rigid, a characteristic that prevents it from becoming kinked or crushed. The aluminium also provides excellent corrosion resistance and withstands oxidative stress. In addition, the multilayer structure helps to reduce heat loss and maintain consistent gas temperatures.

This PEX-AL tubing can be used in conjunction with our outdoor wood furnace or boiler kits for heating the dual line system and is compatible with most other brands of Pex. It comes with a LIMITED LIFETIME WARRANTY and is manufactured with a true 1″ inside diameter so it can accommodate higher flow rates.

PEX-AL tubing has a memory that stays where it is bent, much like copper pipe, which makes for easier installation. Also, this tubing is insulated with high quality low-E closed-cell foil face insulation that is fully taped solid from end to end, unlike some other manufacturers of insulated tubing that just tape down the seam.

PEX-AL tubing has a central shut off valve located at the manifold which is usually where the water main enters your house. This allows you to have your own personal shut off for each section of your plumbing system and is great if you ever need to work on just one part of the house without having to turn off all of your water, like when a toilet or sink needs a repair. pex al pex pipe

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