What Is Words Per Minute (WPM)?

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Words per minute is the number of words typed in one minute. It is an important measurement for professions where typing is an integral part of the job, such as secretarial or transcription jobs. In the past, when a high level of typing speed was a common requirement for many office jobs, typists often competed with each other to see who could reach the highest levels. A typist with a high WPM can work more quickly and efficiently, and it is possible for them to complete large projects in significantly less time than their peers.

There are a few different ways that WPM can be calculated. Typically, it is used to determine how fast someone can type with no consideration for mistakes. This is known as Gross WPM. The other common way is to deduct the number of mistakes from the total number of words typed, which is referred to as Net WPM.

The best way to increase your WPM is through practice and consistent effort. It is important to take breaks during long typing sessions, and to stretch your fingers and rest your eyes regularly as well. It is also a good idea to keep records of your results, so that you can track your progress over time. Most importantly, remember that it is the accuracy of your typing that will have the most significant impact on your WPM, so focus on improving this first before worrying about increasing your speed. wpm

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