Whipped Soap UK – How to Make Your Own Whipped Soap

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Whipped soap is an indulgent, foaming type of soap that feels luxurious on the skin and can be scented to offer different sensorial experiences. It is easy to use as a hand soap, bath or shower gel and can even be used to shave with. It can also be mixed with additives, such as exfoliants or moisturisers, to create unique products that are customised to suit the user. The beauty of making whipped soap yourself is that you are in control over the ingredients that go into it, which allows for the elimination of potentially questionable chemicals and synthetic fragrances commonly found in commercial whipped soaps.

The whipped soap kit from Soap Crafters contains a mixture of hard oils, such as shea butter and stable vegetable oils, with non-greasy humectants like glycerin to create a base that holds its shape. The mix is ready to add your chosen essential oils and colouring. Simply whisk the oils together (preferably with an electric whisk) and gradually work in your lye solution. The whisking introduces air into the dense base, creating a beautiful whipped effect that is a delight to use.

Our Satsuma Spice whipped soap smells of traditional, warming autumnal spices and comes in deep burgundy and marmalade orange. This soap is a perfect pick-me-up in the colder months and will leave your skin feeling soft and fragrant.

This whipped soap kit comes complete with our Safety Assessment, meaning you don’t need to buy your own lye or any other lye-safe ingredients. This makes it the most cost-effective option for those wanting to get started with whipped soap. Whipped Soap UK

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