Wool Hiking Socks

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A good pair of hiking socks can keep you blister-free on long treks. However, finding a sock that fits well, can take the punishment of hiking and backpacking and that won’t give out too soon requires some trial and error. To simplify your search we’ve compiled this list of the best wool hiking socks to wear on your next adventure.

Our experts recommend merino wool for hiking socks because it’s a semi-hollow fiber that traps warm air inside in cold temperatures, and pulls moisture away from your feet, keeping them dry. Additionally, the lanolin in wool is naturally antimicrobial and reduces odor better than most synthetic fabrics.

Lightweight wool socks are the most comfortable choice for hikers and backpackers. These types of socks are designed with extra cushioning in the heel and ball of the foot, to prevent blisters during extended hiking expeditions. In addition, a snug fit ensures that the sock stays put on your foot and doesn’t bunch or slip.

If you’re looking for a lightweight sock that feels like you’re wearing nothing at all, our favorite is the Injinji Liner Crew, which can serve as a standalone sock in warmer weather or as a comfortable liner under a heavier, more cushioned hiking sock for colder temperatures.

Regardless of your hiking preferences and needs, you’ll need to choose the right thickness of socks. Thin light liners are ideal for warm days and short easy trails, while mid-thickness socks are best for moderately-paced hiking or backpacking. Thicker socks are best for tougher hikes in colder conditions.

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