Canyoning in Wales – What Is It? Who Can Do It?

Canyoning in Wales is a combination of many different activities,Guest Posting┬áthese include – climbing, scrambling, walking, hiking, and water based activities. Canyoning in Wales and the UK has recently become very popular with it starting mainly in the US and gathering a following in Wales and England.

Wales is one of the best locations in the UK to try this up and coming activity. If you fancy challenging yourself and putting your mind and body to the test then this is the sport for you, make sure you book with plenty of time in advance as canyoning is very popular at the moment.

So what will you face when you are canyoning in Wales? Well that is a good question, you will tackle scrambles and gorge walking which sometimes can be wet and pretty treacherous. Scrambling also covers a multitude of different skill levels from first timers to seasoned veterans. Canyoneering is fun on its own, but when you are canyoning in wet suit squeezing through small holes in the rock it can be very scary.

The water based activities consist of coasteering which is a non-technical version of canyoning in Wales and then ofcourse river running which is best known as white water rafting which is great fun in Wales.

The British army have been known to use the beautiful surroundings in Wales to train for Afghanistan and other special opps trials, so if you were thinking about canyoning for a stag do then it would be a perfect day activity to be combined with paintballing – sounds like a pretty awesome weekend.

When you canyoning the activity will be like white water rafting but without the raft. Yes that’s right – without a raft or a paddle for that matter. It sounds more daunting than it is; with many specialist instructors around in Wales they will make your canyoning experience safe and fun. Your instructor will show you around the beautiful waterfalls and explore areas of Wales which very few people have ever seen.

If all this sounds a little safe then why not take a run and jump from one of the large peaks which are accessible whilst canyoning in Wales. The key thing to remember is that canyoning is a physically demanding activity and you need have a certain level of fitness, bravery and commitment to enjoy your trip.

If you cannot swim then don’t panic as many instructors bring buoyancy aids which will support you. If you and your group want to capture the moments of panic, beauty and fun then it is suggested to bring a waterproof camera to the activity day. Some companies do have their own cameras, but to make sure you will never forget the day it is recommended to bring your own anyway. conservatories cardiff

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