Common Drawbacks of Composite Doors

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A composite front door is a stylish, robust and secure alternative to traditional timber or uPVC doors that offers state-of-the-art benefits for your home. They are low maintenance, long-lasting and energy efficient. They also come in a wide range of colours, making them an attractive option for homeowners looking to update their homes’ appearance. However, like any product, they do have a few drawbacks that need to be taken into consideration.

One of the biggest turn offs for many people is the creaking sound that many composite doors can make. This occurs when the plastic inside of the door contracts and expands in hot weather. It is unavoidable, so it’s important to ensure that your composite doors are fitted properly to take into account this.

Another common issue is that some composite doors can become brittle over time. This can be caused by poor quality materials or a lack of proper maintenance. It is important to regularly clean your composite doors with soapy water to keep the hardware from pitting and to perform a yearly oil of the hinges. This will prevent the door from sagging or sticking. It is also a good idea to protect your doors from the elements by using a door canopy or storm guard.

Some manufacturers will supply composite doors with a 10 year guarantee, but it’s important to read the small print. This is because not all parts of the door are covered under this guarantee. For example, if you have a composite door with side panels that are glazed, they may be subject to different guarantees. It is therefore important to get all of the details in writing before you sign any paperwork.

You should never paint a composite door. This is because the base of the door is glass reinforced plastic (GRP) which is not a suitable surface for painting. GRP will peel, chip and crack if painted. In addition, by painting your composite doors you will damage the fibreglass and potentially lose any guarantee that may be associated with them.

Unlike uPVC, which is a single material, composite doors are made from a multi-layer design that makes them extremely resilient and durable. Combined with high-security locking mechanisms, they can easily resist attempts to break-in. These include being ‘bumped’, snapped or drilled into.

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