Non-Surgical Bite Correction

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For normal mouth and jaw function, the upper and lower teeth must come together in a proper relationship. If the correct relationship is not there, or if it is not centered properly, then it creates an imbalance or a proprioception, which is related to how the body and mind actually “feel” the teeth coming together.

If there is a discrepancy of where the teeth come together as compared to where they should come together, it has to be determined why that is the case. The reason for this is simple: If not corrected, the imbalance will produce negative physical and neurological problems.

Orthodontic Procedure

Often an orthodontic procedure can be done to reposition the jaw, both in the young and the old. This simply requires adjusting the bite with orthodontics. It involves a range of appliances, both removable and fixed.

Most people may know of what we call TMJ, or temporal mandibular joint dysfunction, when there are problems with the bite. These problems in turn damage the articulation of the lower to the upper jaw, which creates pain, sometimes locking of the jaw, and on occasion a crackling sound.

It can also result in chronic headaches, and can affect the whole neurology of the mind because the muscles that support the lower to the upper jaw are highly innervated, and that constant neurological background noise can disrupt the brain.

Using Diamond Burrs

Another method of correction of the bite is called occlusal equililbration. That is the adjustment of the tooth surfaces with a smooth diamond burr, so that the teeth will come into their proper relationship instead of being misguided by improper contact.

That’s yet another reason why seeing a dentist is so important – to spot potential problems. Non-aligned teeth can be more difficult to keep clean, there is a greater risk of broken teeth, and there is larger scope for TMJ, as mentioned above.

The information in the article is not intended to substitute for the medical expertise and advice of your healthcare provider. We encourage you to discuss any decisions about treatment or care with an appropriate healthcare provider. diamond burrs

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