Royal Caribbean’s Oasis of the Seas – Best Cruise Line For Families

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Royal Caribbean’s Oasis of the Seas guarantees an amazing time for you and your family whether you are on board or on shore excursion. Day or night, a number of events goes on everywhere on the ship. Day activities include scuba diving under their Sea Trek program, surf stimulator known as the Flow Rider and indoor rock climbing. The ship also offers game shows for families as well as trivia contests. Oasis has several restaurants in it such as famous fast food chains like Ben and Jerry’s and Johnny Rockets.

Central Park
Oasis of the Seas boasts of a Central Park, Boardwalk, Royal Promenade and a Pool and Sports Zone. Central Park, located on deck 8, is surrounded by shrubs, trees, flowers and tropical foliage. Staterooms surround the area with some rooms containing balconies overlooking the charming garden and pathways. The neighbourhood includes several restaurants, various themed gardens and retail boutiques.

Perhaps, the most interesting area for families would be the Boardwalk. Young and old alike would love the area’s colourful carousel, several eateries, retail shops and other carnival games. Families will surely enjoy a thrilling zip line ride and the Aqua Theater, an outdoor venue containing a backdrop of the sea across the horizon. Some of the most interesting shops include Madame Zamara’s Psychic and Tattoo Parlor, Candy Beach specialty candy store, Smile photo shop and Star Pier retail store for teens. The neighbourhood is also surrounded by several staterooms overlooking the area.

The Royal Promenade
The Royal Promenade can be found directly below the Central Park. Its Crystal Canopies lets guests enjoy the natural light cascading from Central Park and the sky beyond. If children will enjoy the Boardwalk, adults will surely enjoy Royal Promenade’s moving bar called the Rising Tide. Guests can enjoy several glasses of cocktails while slowly descending from the Central Park and into Royal Promenade. The area highlights a giant copper globe incorporated in the Globe and Atlas Pub’s facade. The globe cracks open revealing a bridge platform leading to an entertainment area. Unlike the other cruise lines, Oasis of the Seas welcomes guests via the Royal Promenade. The mezzanine level will give you a spectacular view of the whole area as well as it houses the exclusive Diamond Club, Schooner Bar and the Royal Caribbean International. Several restaurants, bar, retail outlets and souvenir shops surround the area. 베트남 에코걸

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