What Is Counselling?

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Counselling is a process of talking through difficult feelings with someone who is trained to listen without judgement, and help you understand your thoughts and emotions. They will support you to discuss your issues in a way that is often not possible with friends or family, who may be too involved in the situation to provide objective advice or blanket reassurance.

The most successful counsellors are both good listeners and good analysers – this helps them get to the root of the problem and make a plan for how you can overcome it. However, they also recognise that it is your decision to take the action required – a good counsellor will provide tools, techniques, suggestions and homework but it is up to you to decide whether or how to implement them.

Ultimately, the main aim of counselling is to promote mental and emotional well-being. A counsellor can provide you with the space and skills to improve your relationship with yourself, others and your environment. This can lead to greater happiness and a healthier lifestyle overall.

It’s important to remember that counselling is not a quick fix and it takes commitment and consistency to see results. A good counsellor will be aware of this and will work with you to ensure you’re getting the most out of each session. They will also be prepared to meet you where you are at and will offer flexible options if necessary, including online and phone counselling. https://buckinghamshire.transformation-coach.co/

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