What is Family Mediation?

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Family mediation is a way to resolve disputes about separation or divorce and parenting. It offers you the opportunity to negotiate your own settlement, rather than having a decision imposed on you by a judge. It is generally less expensive than litigation and more flexible. Mediated agreements can be changed by mutual agreement as needs change, whereas any changes to an order made by a judge must be approved by the court.

A mediator will meet with each of you separately, or jointly if appropriate, to identify issues and help you find workable solutions. Mediation sessions are typically held in two to three hours, but if more time is required for discussion, this can be accommodated.

Your solicitor can advise you on the suitability of family mediation and assist with finding an experienced mediator. You can also ask your solicitor to refer you to a specialist or other professional for further assistance, such as tax advisers, pension experts and children therapists.

It is important to remember that a successful outcome from a mediation session, isn’t about getting everything you want. It is about setting a new and healthier model for your children and demonstrating that you can communicate and co-exist in a different way. Aiming to reach a workable solution as painlessly as possible sets a positive tone and reduces the stress that children can feel when their parents are going through separation or divorce.https://derbyshire.lakesmediation.co.uk/

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